Need some extra cash? Well, we may have your next gig.

A website is looking for a real-life "Sleeping Beauty" because they want to pay someone $3,000 to sleep on three mattresses and then document their experience on the mattresses.

So, if you have been laid off or maybe you just need the extra cash, you can sign up to get paid to sleep.

All that you have to do is sign up today at and you may get the call to sleep! And get paid.

According to the website here's what will be required of you if you are selected to sleep on the job:

"In order to be the right fit for the role you will need to be a self-starter, available to work immediately and independently, have clear writing skills, good evaluation skills and be exceptionally good at sleeping! Our Sleeping Beauty will also have to be able to sleep alone to ensure an undisturbed night’s sleep."

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