How often do you use your smartphone? Maybe you use it to Skype with family, to get directions, to check Facebook to see what your friends are up to, or to listen to Power96 with our free app.

However you use your smartphone, how difficult would it be for you to give up? For me, I think it would be hard at first (I'm so used to being extremely connected to everything with my phone). I would get used to it after a while but I would for sure miss the navigation the most. I would get lost a lot more if I didn't have my smartphone.

But maybe getting lost would be worth it for $100,000.

Vitaminwater is challenging people to not use their smartphones for an entire year and if you succeed you get $100,000!

There are some official rules that you would have to look through before entering this contest. That's also where you can find out how to enter the contest.

Don't worry, if you only make it 6 months you'll still get $10,000.

If you enter the contest you'll be required to use a 90's-era phone where you can only make calls, so you won't be totally disconnected from everyone.


Source: KARE 11


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