If you're up for a day trip to Lanesboro, make sure you hit up this awesome trolley restaurant!

It's pretty easy to miss because it's nestled between two buildings. No wonder it's overlooked! But this little restaurant, called Spud Boy Lunch, is definitely worth the trip!

They are located at 105 3/4 Parkway Avenue North, in Lanesboro and are open every day 6am-2pm. It's an adorable resorted 1926 diner, and, as you can imagine, it's pretty tiny in there! There's a little booth at the front but other than that it's mostly counter seating. I think sitting at the counter would be way better though because while you sit there you can watch them make your food. Pretty cool!

Lanesboro isn't the first place this little diner has called home. It was originally built at Goodell Hardware in 1926. It then called Wellington, OH home for 75 years, from 1927-2002! It then went through 5 years of restoration (2003-2008). It was then moved from Ohio to Lanesboro where it has been located since May 1st, 2012. That is quite a journey for a little diner!

You can check out pictures and the history of Spud Boy Lunch HERE!




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