We hear about these stories all the time. Some guy or gal calls 9-1-1 for some weird non-emergency and it makes headlines. Enter this Minnesota man from the Twin Cities suburb of Blaine who called the cops last month on a 'cold case' (<-- pun intended). The man last month called the police because his Whopper was cold. His Whopper. I can't make this up. According to the police logs from that week, a male called 9-1-1 and reported that his food was cold and police responded to the to an address on the 12000 block of Central Ave. Not surprisingly, on that block, there is a Burger King location.  

It's unknown as to what else happened after the police arrived, or who the male caller was that was so upset about the temperature of their food. In the newspaper blotter, police did determine it was a civil matter and went about solving real crimes.

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