There is an app for your phone called GasBuddy. I actually have it on my phone and use it for checking to see where I can get the best prices on gas, which is super useful right now because of the crazy high gas prices!

But did you know that you can also use GasBuddy to rate the restrooms?

Yep! And so they decided to go to work digging through all of the bathroom reviews since 2016 to figure out who has the best bathroom for when you're on the road in each state.

The winner for Minnesota is...

Kwik Trip!!

Kwik Trip has the best bathrooms for when you're road tripping and the kids say they need to use the restroom! And it turns out, people take where they go to the bathroom very seriously.

According to GasBuddy, 37% of people worry about where they will go to the bathroom while on the road. So this research will probably be super useful information for some people!

So when you're driving home from this summer's family reunion, remember, if nature calls, stop at Kwik Trip!

Check out all of the state's best places to use the restroom here!


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