Drones are pretty useful, they allow the user to soar above the ground and get a birdseye view without ever leaving the ground themselves. One drone operator spent part of his time this winter during COVID enjoying the outdoors in our area, and the footage he got from his drone is pretty spectacular.

Youtube User Jessie's Drone Adventures took to the skies this winter to experience the many dams, and rivers in our area. The milder winter weather early on helped matters as you can see in the video that there was plenty of water flowing over the top of the dams, and a good chunk of the river in Northfield was open water.

Some of my favorite portions of the 5-minute video were the unique views of parts of Downtown Northfield, the Faribault Woolen Mill, and the Morristown Feed Mill building. Like many of us, I've only really seen these places from the ground, and getting a different perspective on those places really makes you feel a sense of pride in the overall beauty of our communities even in the depths of winter, like the video shows.

Another interesting thing I realized about the drove footage is that all of these areas featured are within 15 to 20 miles of one another, but all are so strikingly different when you look at the details in the video, how the rivers change as they flow through the towns, different types of rocks, bridges, and structures that surround the still flowing water.

You might recognize the Kings Mill Dam, Morehouse Park, the former Archer House (you can see the hole they knocked into the back of the building to put out the fire), and the backside of the Owatonna Power Plant.

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