We aren't much of a Halloween family, last year we weren't sure what to expect in our new neighborhood and actually ran out of candy, but we also don't go all out with decorations. Some friends of ours though go all out with their Halloween decorations. I mean all-out, inflatables, stuffed monsters in chairs, gravestones in the yard, huge spider that drops from a tree. Because they are so into Halloween they were telling me about a projector they just bought for this year. They dropped over $200 on it! But if you were to win...I don't know...$5,000 CASH you could go all out for Halloween!

I stumbled onto their projector on social media, some sort of ad, and watching the preview online and if it works as it shows, would definitely be a creepy addition to anyone's decorations. The demo of ghostly apparitions can be checked out here. It found it really fascinating that Halloween has gone so techy. While I'm not endorsing this product if it really looks as good as the video and other videos that they have online, you'll blow away your neighbors Halloween displays.

I mean creepy clowns hanging out in your windows or doorways?

I knew holograms were a big deal now that they are going on tour, but to this level is really incredible. If Halloween isn't your jam, the company also looks like they do similar holograms for Christmas time.

If you have one of these do they work the way the look in the previews? Let us know below!


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