What a huge clucking deal!

As of Thursday, October 11, Burger King has dropped the mother hen of all chicken deals upon our laps and has basically said "We dare you". Well, maybe I'm the only one who hears that but this is still insane!

Not only can you now get 10 crispy nuggets for just a buck buck buck... However, you could upgrade that to a monster order through Postmates for a limited time. According to People, Burger King's 100 Chicken Nuggets For $10 Deal with Postmates is now a thing in a few select cities across the U.S., including several in and around the Twin Cities.

The service is delivering a 100-piece order for $10 with free delivery from October 11 through October 14 when you use the promo code NUGGS. That's only a few days, so you'd better figure out an excuse for ordering 100 chicken nuggets soon before it's too late.

So while everyone in the country is getting the 10 for $1 deal, only serious nugget eaters will take advantage (or die trying) in devouring this deal in a single sitting.

My only question is how can I get them to deliver to Rochester... Anybody want to help me make this happen this weekend?

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