I'll be the first to admit it. I was hoodwinked, swindled, hell I was trolled. It was almost too good to be true. In a truly Minnesotan passive-aggressive way, Eric posted to the I "heart" NE Minneapolis Facebook page about being a barefoot running enthusiast but wanting his fellow neighbors to clean off the sidewalks of those pesky acorns due to them hurting his feet. It took the almighty Buzzfeed.com to poke enough holes in his story for him to admit he was a "troll".

Let's admit it though, this was someone who could be believed based on our inner Minnesotan. Eric claimed to run barefoot year round, even in the snow! Your initial reaction is "WHAT?!" but as you think about it you realize the winter here isn't SOOO bad, his feet are moving, and maybe he isn't barefoot running for miles, but a quick spin around the block. Totally feasible.

The Facebook group, which was closed to membership later yesterday afternoon, even had t-shirts on Amazon.com which featured a squirrel standing on an acorn holding a beer with the words 'I 'heart' NE MPLS' on it.

It was the conversation at dinner between my wife and I that wasn't political, had to deal with work, or what other housework we still had to do in our new house. It was refreshing to laugh at the comments together and spend time enjoying each others company. So 'thank you' acorn troll, you gave us some laughs, and even though it was all fake, I hope you too got a chuckle out of the nonsense.

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