Mexican food holds a very large place in my heart. I will never say no to a good taco, burrito, chips and salsa, margaritas, I could go on! If I had to pick my favorite Mexican restaurant I would have to go with the one I grew up near, Fiesta Cancun. Amazing food, giant margaritas (we always joke that they're the size of fishbowls), and warm chips almost as soon as you sit down!

There are so many Mexican restaurants! Most towns have at least one. But apparently, none of them made the cut.

Wide Open Eats conducted a survey to see which Mexican restaurant is the best in America. Well, America voted, and I'm very disappointed in us.

We voted Taco Bell as the best Mexican restaurant of 2018.

Here begins my rant: Taco Bell is not a Mexican restaurant. They serve food that's LIKE Mexican food but it's not REAL Mexican food. I feel like the dead giveaway that it's not real Mexican food is because it's a fast food restaurant. Proper Mexican food cannot be made and served in 60 seconds. Taco Bell is just another fast food restaurant that happens to serve something other than burgers and fries.

Would you agree that Taco Bell isn't a real Mexican restaurant? Or do you agree with the survey, that Taco Bell is the best Mexican restaurant around?


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