Most of you should know this by now: I LOVE the Great Minnesota Get-Together! I love all the people-watching, seeing the animals, and, of course, the food! I was so pumped when I saw that the new foods were just announced today!

Since the State Fair has been around for so long, you have to push the boundaries when new foods are created but sometimes the boundaries get pushed too far. And there are two new foods for this year that are great examples of this happening: the Rainbow Cloud Roll and the Zesty PB&J Sausage.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair

First on the chopping block: the Rainbow Cloud Roll. This sounds like it should be delicious, right? WRONG! There is so. much. sugar in this thing my teeth hurt just looking at it. The Rainbow Cloud Roll consists of ice cream (sounds good so far), with fruity pebbles sprinkled on top (ehhh, we could do without those), and rolled up in cotton candy (ok, NO). The cotton candy is where they lose me! That's TOO MUCH!

And the other nasty food: the Zesty PB&J Sausage. First of all, the words "zesty" and "PB&J" should not be in the same sentence. Second of all, the words "sausage" and PB&J" should also not be in the same sentence. See, there are a lot of problems here. A zesty sausage? Great! A PB&J? Fine! But don't try to combine the two. This just doesn't even sounds appetizing. It's peanut butter, cherry jelly, and a hint of cayenne pepper and cilantro all blended into a quarter-pound sausage.

Do you agree that these are nasty?



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