We get four months a year to enjoy a Minnesota summer. Sometimes a little bit more depending on the year. Since we only have that short window, we take advantage of it. We asked Central Minnesota to name a summer activity that Minnesotans love to do.

Here are the top five answers we got:

5 Favorite Summer Activities MN Loves To Do


#5 Golfing

This is my favorite answer because I have become obsessed with golfing this year. And it's a great activity to do and not be close to people. I’ve gone almost ten times already this year, and my goal is to go more times in 2020 than I have in my whole life combined. That -- and shave 15+ strokes off my handicap.

#4 Fishing

I’m a big fan of fishing, and I’m a big fan of eating fish. That's the perfect combo. The great thing about fishing is you can do it just about anywhere with or without a boat.



#3 Lake-Cabin

Sometimes they are the same and sometimes they’re not. But Minnesotans love spending a relaxing weekend or an entire week there. It's the traffic getting there that can make you need that relaxation more. Bonus: You don’t even need to have a cabin to enjoy one, because as the saying goes, you just have to know somebody who has a cabin.



#2 Camping

Camping can apply to people that don’t have a cabin or have any friends to do have a cabin. But I know people that have a cabin and I still love to go camping. I like my camping quiet. It’s a time to disconnect from technology and people and just relax out in the middle of nowhere.



#1 Boating

Nobody can be surprised by this. We got more lakes and can shake a stick at, and we love putting boats in them. Plus, there are all the things you can do with the boat on the lake. Boating is one of the best ways to enjoy a Minnesota summer.


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