Birds of a feather flock together, and Minnesotans are no different. Our eating habits tend to be pretty similar across the board. Go to any Minnesota fridge and you are bound to find at least a few of these things in it.

1. Top the Tater - A Minnesota food group.

2. Michelob Golden Draft Light - Minnesota single-handedly keeps that beer being made. Leave the state and ask for one and they'll look at you crazy, but here it flows like the mighty Mississippi.

3.  Ranch Dressing - It goes with everything. Everything we eat is just a medium for getting ranch into our bloodstream.

4. Ketchups - Yes, plural. We are a condiment state.

5. An Open Package of Meat Sticks - Most likely from a meat packaging that you had done at a local meat market. They pair nicely with the Mich Golden.

Bonus: Leftover Hotdish - When we make this meal, we make enough for an army. Chances are good there is some leftover hotdish buried way in the back of the fridge that has long been forgotten. Don't eat it. Either toss it, or ignore it and hope someone else tosses it.


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