2021 wasn't off to a very good start for a restaurant in Minnesota, until five young men stepped up to help.

Natalie Victoria is a co-owner of Victoria's Ristorante and Wine bar in Rochester, and her restaurant was taken advantage of by a group of girls. ABC News 6 reported that the group came in, placed a complicated order, hung around, and when no one was in the area, the group took the money (roughly $300) from the restaurant's tip drawer.

The business owner said she wasn't angry because she doesn't know exactly why the women would have done what they did, but she definitely felt disappointed watching the security footage.

The community felt otherwise and rallied around Natalie and her restaurant. A post about the incident on Facebook sparked the Shea family to help out the restaurant they are fans of. The five boys in the family Bronson, Carter, Rowan, Ryan, and Bennett, pooled together the $200 they earned from working over the summer and delivered the money with a card to the staff, bringing the staff to tears.

The Shea boys told ABC News 6 that it "feels great to have been able to help out during a time this like."

This story, and this family, proves that even though we are going through really tough times as a community, state, and country, there is still hope for a better generation following ours, and a brighter tomorrow. Thank you Shea family for being a great example of what Minnestoa NIce is all about.

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