A Minnesota woman has filed a lawsuit against an Annandale Snap Fitness Franchise, Franchise owner Randall Roiger and Snap Fitness, Inc.  Terressa Trattles filed the suit in Wright County Court after discovering a hidden camera in the changing room in the Annandale Snap Fitness.

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Trattles joined the Snap Fitness in Annandale in January of 2019 and signed up for the tanning package there. She said she would use the changing area to undress before heading to the tanning bed.

According to Trattles, she filed the lawsuit after looking up in the changing room and discovering a pinhole camera in the booth. Annandale police went to the Snap Fitness location the morning following the incident.

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The customer that called police, told them she found the camera after pulling back a piece of tape. She states she had also seen the tape on the ceiling the previous week. Police located the camera on the top of the booth during their investigation.

Franchise owner, Randall Roiger had an iPad on his office desk that served as a monitor for the camera.  Roiger stated to police that the camera was there to prevent "unauthorized users who don't pay for the service from using the tanning booth."

Roigers faces one count of installing or using a surreptitious device in a tanning booth  "or other place where a reasonable person would have an expectation of privacy,"  The charge is a gross misdemeanor.

Monday, Roigers told Kare 11 that he had not done anything unlawful and he had pleaded not guilty to the charge and is also going to fight the lawsuit.

This whole thing sounds pretty fishy to me.  How about you?


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