As Southern Minnesota residents we know how great Southern Minnesota is! But other people just don't understand how awesome this place we call home is!

Here are 7 reasons Southern Minnesota is underrated.


  • 1

    Proximity to Farms Means the Freshest and Most Delicious Food

    We are so close to so many farms it's super easy to find fresh food almost anywhere. You're buying great food and also supporting local farmers!

  • 2

    Beautiful Barns and Land

    No matter where you're driving in Southern Minnesota you're bound to find a super cool barn accompanied by a beautiful landscape!

  • 3

    Mississippi Bluff Country has Amazing Views

    I can confirm that these views are amazing, I got engaged on top of one! :)

  • 4

    Rich with History

    Most towns in Southern Minnesota have a history that goes way back. When I'm driving around different Southern Minnesota towns there's usually at least one sign in each town that says the town is historic.

  • 5

    Abundant Wildlife in the Prairie Grass

    If you love watching wildlife, Southern Minnesota is definitely the place for you!

  • 6

    Beautiful Lakes

    It's not just a Northern Minnesota thing! Southern Minnesota has some great lakes too that are perfect for warm weather outings. Or cold weather, if you're into ice fishing.

  • 7

    Scenic River Valleys are Great for Hiking, Biking, and River Recreation

    Get your workout in while taking in beautiful views! You can't beat that!

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