If you’re a beer drinker, fewer things can be better after a long day than having a post-work happy hour beer. I’m getting excited just thinking about it! But a new study shows why you may want to limit yourself to just one post-work beer. I know, I know.

That’s because a big international study of alcohol consumption has found no overall health benefits from drinking moderately. It also says that the threshold for low-risk drinking is about 7 beers a week for both men and women. That's lower than the "two drinks a day" limit that has been commonly mentioned up until now.

The study also found that while drinking can help reduce the risk of heart attacks, it also increases the risk of stroke, heart disease, heart failure, and even certain forms of cancer.

So for any drinkers reading this...not the best news of the day! But here's a little sliver of optimism: Drinking a little bit over the "moderation line" now and then isn't going to suddenly wreck your health. It only slightly shaves off your life expectancy. So...drink wisely? FUN NEWS, HUH?!

You can read more about the study and its results here.

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