It certainly seems like we are starting to get back to normal, or as normal as we are going to get for the foreseeable future. It's with the return to events and activities that I found out that there is a food truck festival coming to Southern Minnesota this weekend! The City of Jordan is hosting 22 food trucks this Saturday afternoon/evening for people to swing on through and enjoy.

The event, called the Spring Jordan Food Truck Festival, is set to take place from 3-9pm Saturday in Downtown Jordan. You'll be able to find the trucks in the area of 1st and Water Street.

Some locally known food trucks are going to be in Jordan, Pizzeria 201 out of Montgomery is one (weather pending), others you might know are D's Kitchen (Ineffable Brewing serves their wings), and SUMO Eggrolls.

This weekend is looking like it might be a little soggy at times, but April Showers this weekend will bring food trucks into Southern Minnesota.

There is a map of where the trucks will be in the area of 1st and Water, with the trucks parked along both streets. You can head to the event page for a larger mobile friendlier map.

Image Credit: Jordan ANGP fundraisers via Facebook
Image Credit: Jordan ANGP fundraisers via Facebook

While the food trucks are serving up some great and of course tasty food, some downtown businesses in Jordan will be offering up some specials as well.

If you are heading to the event, the page suggests bringing your own chairs to be able to sit down and enjoy the food, in a responsible and socially distant way.

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