We've reached the point of December where it's common to maybe see some wisps of grass in our yards, but generally, there is at least some snow on the ground. This year, after being dumped on in October and early November, Southern Minnesota isn't seeing too much of the white stuff. That hasn't stopped Faribo Frosty from coming to life, it appears the large snowman is alive and well and is standing by for a photo op.


The Hoisington family is behind the large snowman, and it's a tradition they told WCCO's John Lauritsen last winter that has gone on now for 16 years.

But with a lack of snow, where are they getting the goods to construct such a large snowman? Have neighbors chipped in to scrape their freezers? Perhaps they know the folks up the road in Burnsville at Buck Hill? Nope and nope.

The most likely answer is that the 'snow' is locally sourced from the local ice arena per what he told WCCO last year in an interview.

According to Lauritsen's reporting the snow arrives "Once a week, a Zamboni driver loads him up. Then he hauls his trailer back home where he assembles with care, climbing a ladder and administering a sort of Botox — or “snowtox” — to Frosty’s face."

Much like Jerry's tree south of Faribault, glowing white, and glowing with hope during the pandemic, seeing a gigantic snowman pop up like normal in Faribault, is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

You can snap a pic with frosty, or just gaze in wonder at the corner of 1st St NW & 3rd Ave NW, just make sure to stay safe this winter.

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