It sounds strange to say that a list of anonymous businesses that plan on opening up, against the executive order causing them to pause in November, was released last night by the same group that released a list of businesses who were opening up for indoor service, with some opening up as soon as today. The group ReOpen Minnesota Coalition stated in a post this morning "We understand that this doesn't help you all find these new places, but we trust that, in time, many of them will see the outpouring of support from you all and go fully public to the entire state."

The list features counties not previously on the list released last night with business names on it, including Steele County.

While it's true you won't know who is opening up and who isn't for in-person dining or workouts at the gyms, you can always call ahead and see if they are 'open' or continuing to follow the executive order from Gov. Walz.

This brings the total number of businesses opening up to over 400 between today and this weekend.

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How will enforcement work with those businesses violating the Executive Order? It remains to be seen with this many openings in such a short period of time.

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