If farmers didn't have enough to worry about this time of year, they can sadly add another item to that list. A post to Facebook recently has caught the attention of Western Minnesota law enforcement as they are investigating who left heavy-duty chains tied to corn stalks in an effort to 'sabotage' a farmers harvest. Some have even gone so far as to call it 'ag-terrorism'. 

Mindy Harshman Johnson lives in Western Minnesota and was helping her husband harvest their corn crop when something got lodged in a combine head. A piece of chain. Sadly it seems it wasn't an accident with someone forgetting to grab the chain from earlier in the day or a case of someone not paying attention. This seemed to Mindy as a deliberate act as more pieces of the heavy-duty chain were found in their field, tied around cornstalks.

The incident according to the St. Cloud Times happened while the Johnson's were harvesting a field near 130th Street and 610th Avenue in Cedar Mills Township. The combine did suffer minor damage after harvesting the chain, but a "mechanism that automatically shuts down the machinery prevented more damage."


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