Fans of the Minnesota Vikings who have attended games at US Bank Stadium will be familiar with the voice, but maybe not the name. Brainerd-born Alan Roach, in-stadium voice at US Bank Stadium for the Vikings, will be the in-stadium voice in Miami for this weekend's Super Bowl. 

WCCO-TV reported that Roach who grew up in the Brainerd area, and got his start in radio is already in Miami getting ready for Sunday's game. If you are looking forward to hearing Roach during the game on TV your going to be disappointed, only those in the stadium will be hearing Roach.

You are expected to hear roach though during some of the pre-game festivities like the announcing of the opening ceremonies, like the National Anthem, and the teams as they take the field, on live TV.

Roach has been apart of 8 Super Bowls and keeps himself pretty busy as his Wikipedia page lists him "as the is the public address announcer for the Minnesota Vikings, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Rapids."

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