I'm sure we've all done it: you REFUSE to make more than one trip to bring your groceries inside so you line your arms up to your shoulders with bags and make a mad dash for the door!

Paul and I both admitted to doing this during Carly's Curious Cabinet today, so we were both pretty pumped about this product!

This is the Arlai Mighty Handle!

Arlai via Amazon
Arlai via Amazon


So basically it's a big carabiner that you clip to your groceries and it's like one giant bag. Yep, sign me up!

Gone are the days of lining your arms with bags, hoping that eventually the feeling in your arms will come back, and looking down hours later to find your arm is still covered in red marks! NO MORE!

This product got a thumbs up from both of us which is a new thing on Carly's Curious Cabinet, we have never both agreed on a product being good!

The next episode of Carly's Curious Cabinet will be Thursday, August 30th around 10:40am!


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