I had seen a flyer or two hanging around town, those were followed by some yard signs scattered about on trips to and from work and running errands over the last couple of days. My curiosity finally got the better of me and I decided to check out what the deal was with the Pioneer Power Swap Meet Sunday morning. I wasn't disappointed. 

Image Credit: Paul Shea TSM

After a cold and dreary Saturday, the vendors who I got to chat with scattered about the 120 acres felt better about the weather even though it was still chilly and windy. There was a little bit of everything to be had, items for crafters, tinkerers, enthusiasts, and collectors. Toy/model tractors were a common site at many booths, fresh fruits and vegetables were available along with food vendors for those working up an appetite.

Image Credit: pioneerpowershow.com

My wife and I were first timers to the show and we wandered about in and out of buildings through muddied gravel roads in search of some possible buried treasure, a 1974 Scorpion Whip 440 snowmobile seat. No luck was had, perhaps if we had gone on Friday we would have had some better luck. We still ended up with an SUV full of items. A pair of small wooden hutches for our basement and I walked out with 3 pounds of jerky.