Since we're still a few days out from the weekend take this with a grain of salt, for now. We all know what happened last weekend when we thought a winter storm was coming, it totally missed us!

The National Weather Service is predicting that this storm is more likely to hit us than last weekends, so maybe take it with a bigger grain of salt than last weekend.

According to their map, right now, we could see about 5-7 inches of snow. The catch is that the snow totals depend on how warm it gets this weekend. We'll hover right around the freezing mark so it might be too warm for snow, or maybe we'll have a rain/snow mix, or maybe the whole storm system will shift and we'll get nothing again!

So if you have travel plans this weekend, definitely take this possible storm into consideration because if it does actually hit us you'll want to be careful on the roads and give yourself some extra time.



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