No matter your feelings about the NFL team to our east, you have to hand it to Aaron Rodgers and the other Green Bay QB's as they dress-up as characters from the popular 90s Adam Sandler film 'Happy Gilmore'. Aaron Rodger's costume had to be the best, as he pretty much nailed the Ben Stiller played mean orderly characters costume and mustache. 


The QB's in the video as they enter the welcome back luncheon are Tim Boyle, DeShone Kizer, Manny Wilkins, and Aaron Rodgers.

I made a side-by-side of Rodgers and Ben Stiller's character Hal from the movie. Maybe it's the mustache but dang that's pretty good.

side by side

Wouldn't one have thought that Rodgers would have gone with the Shooter McGavin character though?

This isn't the first time that Rodgers has referenced movies or dressed unconventionally for the welcome back luncheon. Since 2010 when Rodgers and a few other teammates wore cowboy hats to signify playing in the big game in Dallas, which they did and won that year, the tradition was born.

There have been Canadian tuxedos, fighter pilot helmets, bolos, and Men in Black themed costumes.

The season concludes tonight for the Purple with the last pre-season game in Buffalo. The regular season kicks off on Thursday, Sept 5th and the Vikings play Sunday, Sept 8th.

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