This week's adoptable animal of the week is another canine. Meet Maggie the dog! Maggie came to the Mower County Humane Society as an owner surrender. She is a lovely firecracker who is playful, happy, and eager to please. Volunteers at the Humane Society tell us that Maggie "would make a wonderful companion for someone who is active and likes adventure."

According to my friend and Mower County Humane Society volunteer Michaela Tews, "Maggie is a somewhat petite gal, weighing only around 50 pounds. She is really a fantastic gal and we just don't understand why she keeps getting overlooked."

The good news for those who might be interested in adopting Maggie is that she has had some basic training, and she is still learning as according to the Humane Society she is not yet two years old. To go along with her youth, she is still a little bit of a puppy and has boundless energy. Mower County Humane Society volunteers state that Maggie "adores her people and wants nothing more than to be near them. She has enjoyed playing with male dogs of similar energy."

Like many dogs, the key to keeping your dog happy is offering plenty of exercise which means of course taking her for walks around the neighborhood, throwing a ball around, and of course, taking her to a local dog park to run around with other dogs. Maggie would also probably benefit from being around a home that has kids over 10, as they are bigger and can let Maggie know not to be so enthusiastic.

The Mower County Humane Society is currently closed to the public but they are doing adoptions via private appointment once an application has been completed and approved. You can adopt Maggie for $125 with an approved application which you can fill out here.


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