We are a day late on this and I apologize for that. This week in our adoptable animal of the week we are featuring another cat, this week's cat is Timmy. Timmy was found in 2016 and is believed to be 5 years old. Let's learn more about Timmy!

Mower County Humane Society volunteer, Michaela Tews tells us that Timmy "was rescued from the Austin City Pound in 2016. We believe he is around 5 years old and full of spunk."

Image Credit: Michaela Tews
Image Credit: Michaela Tews

Timmy is a lively cat who likes to play, and when he plays, he likes to play a little rougher than some cats like to play. Due to Timmy REALLY enjoying himself when he plays, a home without younger children would be a great fit for him.

Michaela tells us that "Even though he can be a little rough at times he is actually a pretty laid back dude. Timmy is always one of the first kitties to greet me when I visit and would be a great addition to the perfect family."

Timmy is available for adoption along with several of his four-legged friends with an approved application, which you can get here, from the Mower County Humane Society.

Adopt Timmy for $50 w/ approved application and by appointment only.  Remember all adoption fees include age-appropriate vetting, testing, and alterations!

A sad update on one of the adoptable animals we featured, Stella the diabetic cat actually was adopted out and suppose to be heading to the metro next week. Unfortunately this week they had her in and out of the vet multiple times as her insulin wasn’t regulated well. Sadly this led to some serious health issues and she was euthanized. We were SO CLOSE!

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