Sometimes it can be difficult to make ends meet. It could be because of a recent layoff, it could be because of inflation, whatever it is, there's a non-profit that's coming to southeast Minnesota that can help ease the burden a bit.

It's called Ruby's Pantry and they go around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota with their pop-up pantries to help rural communities get food at a good price.

Where Does Ruby's Pantry Get the Food?

Ruby's Pantry gets food from manufacturers, distributors, and producers when they have an overabundance of a product. So not only is this non-profit helping people who are in financial straits, but it's also helping to prevent food waste.

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How Ruby's Pantry Pop-Up Works

They have set locations in each of the four states that I mentioned where they stop once a month with food. When you're in a situation where you need some help getting affordable groceries, you go to one of the pop-up locations with two large boxes or baskets to hold the food. It costs you $25 for the whole thing.

That's it! In the press release I got about our southeast Minnesota pop-up pantry, they say that "each guest receives an abundance of food." $22.50 of that cost goes to keeping Ruby's Pantry up and running and the other $2.50 goes to the local sponsoring church where the pop-up pantry is located.

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Southeast Minnesota's Pop-Up Pantry

The location that they have picked for southeast Minnesota is in St. Charles. This pop-up pantry will be located at the St. Charles United Methodist Church and they'll be open the 2nd Thursday of every month beginning on Thursday, May 11th.

They don't have any income or residency guidelines. If you feel you're in a situation where you need help getting groceries at a good price, they're happy to help! What an awesome organization to come to southeast Minnesota.

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