This past Winter and now into Spring, allergies have hit my family, hard. We suffer from seasonal allergies, and eczema, which is related in some way to allergies and Hay Fever. My daughter has especially been affected, dealing with the skin condition since November. Thankfully it's nothing contagious or anything like that.

Well, we got through the Winter without any major illnesses, and now since the beginning of Spring, we have had non-stop issues dealing with the allergies. Several visits to the doctor's office, and several tests later, hopefully we have the situation under control. I have heard that mono and strep are going around the school here, she has neither. She has had bronchitis and now a sinus infection.

All of her respiratory issues lead back to her seasonal allergies, at least that is what we are hearing, so, she's been worn down and worn out, sleeping a lot, and in general exhausted. She has been through the wringer, and now we find out she also has pleurisy, inflammation in the lining of the lungs, which makes it painful for her to take a deep breath. They found that when they checked for pneumonia, yeah, she's been that sick. She's already on the right treatment for it, so nothing more to do except rest and to get better.

We found out that seasonal allergies are nothing to take lightly, and that taking an allergy medication is probably in her best interest before Spring comes.

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