You've probably seen in the news all of the homeless people that have set up tents at the homeless encampment in Minneapolis. It's so sad to see all of those people that have nowhere else to go, especially when it starts to get so cold outside.

Recently a non-profit called Simpson Housing Services has been helping move those individuals to a temporary shelter due to safety concerns at the encampment.

Of course, any donation to a homeless shelter will help those in need but Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos, went above and beyond.

Bezos is donating $2.5 million dollars to Simpson Housing Services. As mentioned earlier, Simpson is a non-profit that "helps homeless individuals and families find stable housing." According to the Star Tribune, "the grant is the largest in [Simpson's] 35-year history."

WCCO reports that "the donation will help the organization expand its family housing program over the next four years."


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