In what's becoming almost a weekly story, another possible cougar sighting was reported by a West Metro Police Department on social media yesterday. Eden Prairie Police posted a trail cam photo of a cat-like creature walking near Staring Lake last week. 


The post also goes on to tell residents that another report that occurred yesterday in the same area of a large cat being seen prompted the post. The most recent sighting of a large cat was made according to the post "near Purgatory Creek, south of Cold Stream Lane and Sunnybrook Road."

To my untrained feline eye, it looks like the trail camera is set at a low height, judging by the shrubs and ground cover. You then have what could be an orange short hair domestic cat strutting on by. It could even be a coyote. Or it could be a cougar.

The Eden Prairie Police Department has submitted the photo to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and is working with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to accurately identify the animal pictured and gather additional information.

The DNR recommends if you do encounter a cougar in the wild, "face the cougar directly, raise your arms to make yourself appear larger and speak loudly and firmly." Some things not to do if you encounter a big cat like a cougar? Do not run, crouch or lay on the ground.

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