We may shore our northern border with Canada and we may boldly persevere in the face of extreme cold and snow during the winter, but it looks like we're not the Bold North anymore, Minnesota.


We all know that our state of Minnesota is known as several different things. Our license plates have proudly proclaimed us as The Land of 10,000 Lakes for decades now. We're also known as the North Star State. And, more recently, for most of 2017, as we geared up to host Super Bowl LII, we were also referred to as the Bold North.

And, sure, we're still the Land of 10,000 Lakes (over 11,000 actually). And even though the hockey team moved to Dallas nearly 30 years ago, we're still the North Star State too.

But apparently, we're not bold anymore.

At least not officially, that is. Which isn't quite the message Minnesota's official tourism office, Explore Minnesota, meant to send when it unveiled the first of its new commercials touting our state's new tourism slogan yesterday: Find Your True North.

Yeah, sure, 'Find Your True North' is similar to 'Bold North,' and the first commercial (which you can see below) shows all the things that we can do that are, uh, bold, I guess, here in the north. "There are 10,000 ways to tell our story. Each one points to True North," the site says. But the phrase Bold North (which I always kinda liked) isn't being used anymore.

And while Find Your True North is both kinda catchy and Minnesota-y, I don't know if it's entirely accurate, though. I mean, if facing 30 below zero temperatures one week with nearly a foot of snow the next doesn't make us both 'bold' and 'north,' I don't know what does, am I right?!?

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