With air travel on the rebound in Minnesota and around the country, theree is talk that airlines might start weighing passengers. That's right, it's not just your baggage, they may start weighting passengers.

Lori Federico, Getty Images
Lori Federico, Getty Images

We are used to having our baggage put up on the scale but putting passengers on the scale before you fly, is this a possibility?  Most airlines have a 50 pound limit on baggage and charge more for any overage.

It could all be true.  The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) actually has a proposal to in addition to weighing your baggage, they may start weighing you.  Really, can this happen?  And why?

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According to Fox Business airlines MAY start weighing passengers and no, they are not going to charge extra by the pound like baggage.  It's basically so the FAA can do an update to their "average passenger weight" charts. All to ensure the safety of passengers.


Since we have become such a "fat-ass" country, the airlines have had to increase average weights used to calculate how many passengers and how much baggage can be safely on board the flight.

Airlines would have to increase the average weight for female passengers and carry-ons from 145 pounds to 179 pounds in the summer and from 150 pounds to 184 pounds in the winter, according to the standards, while the weight for males with carry-ons will go up from 185 pounds in the summer to 200 pounds and from 190 pounds to 205 pounds in the winter.

Even though this all seems slightly crazy, it sounds like they won't be demanding that every passenger be put on the scale.  Most likely, it will be a voluntary thing and those providing data will be anonymous. All will only be used to compute average passenger weights.

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