Earlier this month, World War II veteran, Harvey Djerf, died at the age of 96. Even though he's gone he very clearly made an impact on his neighbors.

Harvey lived in Plymouth and every day, twice a day, Harvey would walk about a mile around his neighborhood. But during his walks, he would need to stop to rest for a while so his neighbors started setting out chairs for him to rest in their front yards.

Boyd Huppert from KARE 11 spoke with some of Harvey's neighbors, Erik and Ann Kleiner, after his passing and they only had nice things to say about him: “He cared a lot about everybody. He knew everybody’s names and their kid’s names, and he was just a really great neighbor. Good neighbor, good neighbor and friend."

Since his passing the chairs have not left front yards. In fact, now they're decorated in Harvey's honor.

Take a look at some of these chairs from KARE 11's Facebook:


Source: KARE 11

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