Ever since I was little I always wanted to own a Volkswagen Beetle. They are such a fun car that stands out on the road. You don't look like your driving the same car everyone else owns. But now the little bugs are being discontinued and I am so upset. How can Volkswagen discontinue the cute little bug that gave kids sore forearms by playing "Punch Buggy"?

Volkswagen says they are discontinuing the production of the Beetle at the end of this production cycle in order to focus on the production of their Microbus. The Microbus will be an electric version of the iconic VW Bus and will reach production in 2021 or 2022. I guess that could be cool ... but I'm still upset about Beetles being a rare breed of car now. There were rumors that VW would make an electric Beetle, but apparently that's not happening now. Have you ever had your favorite car discontinued? How do I cope?


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