If you ever get the chance to tour Kwik Trip’s massive campus in La Crosse you should. The place is huge and the operation is super impressive. It's home to one of the largest bakeries in the world – Kwik Trip makes all of its bread, donuts, cookies, sandwiches, etc. at the facility and sends fresh truckloads to each of its stores daily. They bottle their milk and make their own ice cream in La Crosse too.

I took the tour last year and one of the areas that surprised me the most was the banana ripening center. Bananas are big business for the convenience store so they have a designated area to make sure all of the bananas they receive are perfect before they are delivered to the stores. Each of the ripening rooms holds over 41,000 pounds of bananas!

Each year Kwik Trip sells more than 35-million pounds of bananas! Whether it’s bananas, milk, eggs, or gas we want to help you pay for your next trip to Kwik Trip. Fill out the form above to win a $150 Kwik Trip gift card.

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