If you are heading out to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally, which by the way turns 81 this year, be sure to stop out at this lemonade stand not too far from all the action. A social media post, which has now been shared 14,000 times, shows a young man, named Wyatt, who is giving free lemonade to riders, in an effort to raise enough funds for a dirt bike, his college schooling, and 30% are heading to St. Judes. Now, this is something we can all get behind!

The now-viral post from Don Marusich reads:

If you are traveling between Rapid City and Sturgis on your bike, stop by the Tilford road exit!! There is a motorcycle loving little boy who is giving away free lemonade and water to any and every one. Please stop by and give him a huge thank you and show off your rides!!! The lemonade is DELICIOUS!!!! Also, tip the damn kid, it's hot out, and he's gonna need to start saving now for that Harley..
** update from this young man's dad. He will be donating 30% of his tips to St Judes, 50% goes to his college fund. He's helping a family friend accomplish a $5000 goal for St Judes this year. Get out there and support a kid doing some good in this world. He's out there at noon everyday. 3/4 of a mile down Sturgis Rd from the Tilford Exit on I90.**
It's not just folks heading to Sturgis who are stopping by the lemonade stand. Check out the South Dakota Highway Patrol making a pit-stop to the free lemonade stand.

I'm not quite sure how much has already been raised but knowing the generosity of those who ride motorcycles, I would venture to guess his original goal of $5,000 to go towards St. Judes has been accomplished, but that doesn't mean we can't do more.

Wyatt's parents created a social media account to document all the things happening since that post went viral, like Wyatt getting an 11-foot tall Lemonade banner/flag, and all his newfound popularity.

Want to know how the stand idea came about?

Wyatt’s lemonade stand started last year with the goal for him to purchase a lego. Little did we know what we were in for. After generous donations started coming in we decided we would need to restructure where donations would go. 50% goes to savings, 30% to a charity of Wyatt’s choice, and 20% for spending. The first year Wyatt ended up being able to donate $200 to St. Jude Childrens Hospital.
In 2021 Wyatt had a goal to make $1200 over the course of the Sturgis Rally. On day one we met Tracy who was camping at the campground next to the house and the journey would begin. Tracy posted on a Sturgis page about the stand and that post was copied, added to, and shared over 47k times. And so it began……

Good luck Wyatt, and thanks for looking out for those who can use help, like patients at St. Judes!

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