A bear tore his way into a vintage car to get at the cookies inside it. A North Carolina man has a unique explanation for the scratches on his 1965 Shelby Cobra, which leaves me waiting for J. K. Simmons to say, "We covered it," in a TV commercial.

While touring Alaska with other car collectors, the man says a bear ripped through the vinyl cover on the convertible to get at some Fig Newtons that were in the vehicle. The animal also left some scratches and dents on the car. The man believes that his insurance company will cover the repairs.

Minnesotans have had their own issues with bears getting too close. There have been sightings of bears getting closer and closer to humans in various cities and situations.

My family has had a few close encounters with bears while vacationing in Colorado. My brother-in-law had his van broken into by a bear that apparently smelled the cheese that came with mac and cheese. A window had been left cracked up.

Another time, a bear tried to get into our cooler, which was empty. Apparently, the bear had learned coolers contained food or maybe there was still some smell with it. The cooler now has bear teeth holes in the hard plastic. As a result, there's no need to put our name on it when we take it to a party.

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