A beauty product sold at various popular stores and online has been recalled due to the glass packaging breaking while opening.  So far, 35 individuals have reported injuries and consumers are being asked to immediately stop using the product.  The product was sold throughout the United States, including in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.


Beauty Product Sold at Popular Stores in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois Recalled Due to Potential Injuries

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, a new recall has been issued for a beauty product that consumers have been asked to stop using immediately due to the possibility of hands being lacerated while opening.  So far, 35 reports have been made indicating injuries while opening the product.  One injury resulted in a consumer needing stitches.

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Here are the product details to know:

  • Description:
    • the products recalled are the Liftactiv Peptide-C Ampoules 1.8ml (10 pack) and Liftactiv Peptide-C Ampoules 1.8ml (30 pack) which are facial serums.
  • Where products were sold:
    • CVS, Walgreens, and Target stores,Amazon.com and www.vichyusa.com from November 2019 through April 2022
  • Price of the product:  The item sold between $33 and $60
  • What to look for:
    • The product is in an amber-colored glass container.
    • On the bottom or side of the pack are the batch numbers and the following are part of the recall:
      • 54T61Q, 54T91Q, 54TD1Q, 54TD2Q, 54TN1Q, 54TN2Q, 54TN3Q, 54TO1Q, 54U11Q, 54U12Q, 54U21Q, 54U31Q, 54U32Q, 54U41S, 54U42S, 54U51S, 54U52S,54U53S,54U54S,54U61S, 54U72S, 54U91S, 54U62S, 54U92S, 54UD1S, 54UO1S, 54W11S, 54W12S, 54W13S, 54W21S.
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What to do if you have the product that has been recalled

If you notice that you have the product that has been recalled, according to CPSC.gov, you should contact one of the following:

  • Vichy Laboratoires USA toll-free at 844-973-0595 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday
  • Online at https://www.vichyusa.com/customer-service/contact-us.html
  • www.vichyusa.com and click on Customer Service and then on “RECALL INFORMATION” for more information.

Learn more about the recall at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website here.

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