The Faribault Public School Board tonight voted unanimously to offer the Superintendent position to current High School Principal Jamie Bente.

The board was deadlocked after multiple votes Friday.  Deadlocked in another vote tonight before taking a recess.

The YouTube feed of the meeting went haywire just as they were voting so I jumped in my vehicle and went to the District Office just as everyone was leaving.  Thankfully Board Chair Chad Wolff told me the previous 3-3 tie for Karsten Anderson, Red Wing School Superintendent turned into a 6-0 vote for Bente.

Listening to the special extended meeting from Friday up until the YouTube feed went haywire it certainly sounded like the two sides deadlocked at 3 votes for each of the candidates did not want to budge prior to a recess.  So I asked Wolff what happened…

The previous vote taken for Anderson came on a motion from Bellingham seconded by Jerry Robicheau. Bellingham said he was making the motion based on his three basic principles of experience, vision and living in the community…

Board member Casie Steeves questioned the community residency brought up by Bellingham…

Board member Jerry Robicheau stated he had nothing against Mr. Bente…

Board member Richard Olson made it clear he could never vote for Anderson saying he was entitled to his vote. Board member Courtney Cavalier en

Current Superintendent Todd Sesker works through the end of this year and if everything is worked out Bente will move from High School Principal’s office to the District Office beginning July 1st.  That means the district will be searching for a new Superintendent.  Wolff says the Superintendent will make that choice and the board will have a vote on the selection.

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