When all else fails, blame Canada. Well after I gain 35 lbs eating their delicious poutine. But in this case, we can actually blame Canada for our hazy sky. Although it's not all bad as it makes the sunrises and sunsets much more intense. Smoke from wildfires in Northern Canada is being transported through the jet stream and causing the haze. 

Now it's not as bad as a few years ago when you could smell the pungent odor of what was burning, but it's enough to affect the colors of our sky when the sun comes up and goes down for the day. The National Weather Service tweeted out this GIF of the smoke traveling.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in its air quality index recap stated that with our hazy skies "air quality is NOT expected to reach the Orange (Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups) AQI category (101+ value) during this smoke event; however, the situation will be monitored closely."

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