A heads up if you use 2nd Ave NW in Faribault. Beginning on Monday 2nd Ave NW between 1st Street NE and 1st Street NW will be closed to traffic as the bridge near Bethlehem Academy is being removed and will soon be replaced with a more modern traffic span.

The bridge replacement is expected to cost $3,369,850.00 according to a December 2020 Faribault City Council resolution. 

The contract for the bridge replacement and construction went to Redstone Construction according to the City of Faribault website. 

The City of Faribault posted to social media that the area would be closed to traffic due to the construction, but it's not clear if the closure will be until the current bridge is dismantled or until a new span is erected over Division Street.

The current bridge was built back in 1967 and consists of three concrete slabs according to BridgeReports.com.

The new bridge going up in its place will have lighting, a decorative metal rail, and the stairs on the West side of the bridge will be replaced allowing access for pedestrians to get onto and off of the bridge near Bethlehem Academy.

You can see the plans for the project, here. 

I am somewhat interested in what the new bridge will look like, most likely an improvement over what is there visually right now. I do feel for the residents in that area though as it's going to be a headache at times with the new bridge construction. Hopefully the project wraps up relatively quickly.

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