I'm guilty as the next person when it comes to taking care of remnants from Halloween... and by that, I mean all the pumpkins, gourds and hay bales left out and about in our yard from different decorations. But you have to remember that fall brings a lot of critters out as they gear up for these long winter months, and from where I live up in the Country Club Manor in Rochester, leaving out those pumpkins from Halloween could invite some of them up to your yard to visit.

I feel like I should've known this, but a lot of deer really enjoy pumpkins and leftover pumpkin pieces like the rines. Not only deer, but other animals can be found scavenging around looking for those left out pumpkins and squashes as well. If you live in a more woodsy area, they'll obviously have the easiest access to all those pumpkins. While I haven't had any clomp into my own yard, I have seen more and more of them roaming around my neighborhood lately.

So if you see a few animals loitering around it is most likely looking for some food and leftover Halloween fun.

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