There's an intersection in Medford on Google Maps where, in one spot it's a current picture, one click away it takes you back in time!

The intersection is 3rd Ave NE and 2nd Ave NE in Medford. When you're on 2nd Ave NE on Google Maps in Street View, if you look at the corner of 2nd Ave NE and 3rd Ave NE you'll see the Medford Veterans Memorial with an empty field behind it. Then when you click around the corner to view that same corner form 3rd Ave NE the memorial isn't there! There are baseball fields in its place. How crazy is that!

Check it out!

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

That's so crazy! Obviously, with Google Maps, it would take a long time to get everything updated. It's kind of cool that it gives us the opportunity to see how much things have changed.


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