Minnesota has a lot big-name companies that call the Land of 10,000 Lakes home. And their CEO's are paid pretty well. But check out just how much Minnesota's top-paid CEO made last year.

Then again, maybe you DON'T want to see this. Because it makes the measly amount of money you and I earn look pretty paltry in comparison to what this guy makes. Yeah, it's a pretty good chunk of change.

I'm guessing James M. Cracchiolo, CEO of Ameriprise Financial didn't have to get a part-time job to help pay for last year's Christmas presents. That's because, according to this TwinCities.com story, he earned $22.4 million dollars last year. Which, of course, made him the highest paid CEO in the state of Minnesota in 2017.

As a quick aside, when I read that story, I didn't realize Ameriprise Financial was, in fact, a Minnesota company. A little research, though, showed me that its the same company that once called itself 'Investors Diversified Services.' If that still doesn't sound familiar, how about the initials I.D.S.-- as in the IDS Center, the company's corporate headquarters in Minneapolis? That name has Minnesota written all over it!

The IDS Center is currently the tallest building in Minnesota, so I guess it only follows that the CEO of the company that owns the building is the highest-paid CEO in the state, right?!?

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