Wow, here we are at halfway into January 2017. It seems like we were celebrating Christmas and New Year's a couple of days ago and now half the month's gone. For me it's been pretty fun trying to dig up some different and deep tracks from artists you know but haven't heard in a long time to feature on the Power 96 Cool One brought to you weekdays at 4:35PM by Kelly's Auto Parts in Faribault. As always I welcome your suggestions and ideas at:

I remember a lot of music from my past but there are some that I've forgotten over the years and it's always exciting to find that lost gem through your suggestions. The only thing I ask is that they were at least released as a single at one time or another.

This week I featured some sweet old Sweet, a deep track from "Children of the Sun" artist Billy Thorpe, a cut from a Queen album based on the soundtrack to the film Highlander, a classic cut from Soundgarden and an oldie from the Atlanta Rhythm Section.

All right, strap yourself in and let's run them down:

  • 1

    Sweet: Teenage Rampage

    This single failed to chart in the U.S. but topped out at No. 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

  • 2

    Billy Thorpe: Dream Maker

    This track basically went unnoticed but the title track from the album that it comes from, Children of the Sun, made it to No. 41 on the U.S. Billboard Singles chart.

  • 3

    Queen: Princes of the Universe

    This single peaked at No. 42 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and was one of the many tracks released from their A Kind of Magic album.

  • 4

    Soundgarden: Rusty Cage

    This single comes from their third studio album, Badmotorfinger, released in 1991 at the leading edge of what would be the grunge explosion. This is my favorite Soundgarden album.

  • 5

    Atlanta Rhythm Section: Alien

    Here's a single that I barely remembered even though it landed at No. 16 U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary chart, No. 18 on the Mainstream Rock chart and No. 29 on the Hot 100.

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