The other day I featured a band called Harlequin as the Power 96 Cool One. It was suggested to me by a friend that asked me to check them out. He said I would probably like them. He was right. They have that distinct late '70s to early '80s rock sound that I enjoy so I gave them a shot as a Cool One. I received a lot of feedback via emails and phone calls, so I thought I'd share a little bit about their history and a few of their singles with you.

Harlequin is a Canadian band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Formed in 1975, this rock band has gone through several different band members over the years but their lead vocalist, George Belanger, has always been a part of the group. They're still performing and have a few shows set for this year in Canada.

They recorded five albums, and one greatest hits collection, with the last one released in in 2007. They've released several singles that charted in Canada but apparently never charted in the U.S.

If you long for the sounds of a good rock band from the '70s and '80s but you want to hear something that you've never heard, I suggest you give Harlequin a spin.

Here's a little taste from each album:

  • 1


    This single comes from their debut effort, Victim of a Song, which was released in 1979.

  • 2

    Thinking of You

    This was Power 96 Cool One on Tuesday (3/7) and was taken from their second studio album, Love Crimes.

  • 3

    I Did It for Love

    This single was released from their third studio effort, One False Move, which hit the stores back in 1982.

  • 4

    Take This Heart

    This single came from their self-titled fourth album.

  • 5

    Shine On

    From their last studio effort, Walking the Jester, comes this foot stompin' single.

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