I think that this guy has to be one of the coolest meteorologists around. Not only is is his costume ah-mazing, but he has the sens of humor and personality to pull it off.  Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel decided to dress up as a unicorn for Halloween yesterday and attempt to do the weather in the process.

He was so funny and trying to be so serious that his co-workers on the news set could not stop laughing at him while they were on the air. Check out the video below.

The opposite of this reaction happened here at the radio station yesterday as Tony Hart pulled out all the stops dressed as Pennywise from the horror movie "IT" and gave Lauren our Mid- Day on-air personality got quite the scare, Not only is she scared to death of clowns, but Tony's outfit was one of the best I have ever seen. Who say's you have to grow up? I am a firm believer in letting loose every once in awhile and just have some good old fun!

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