It's really hard to find any concrete or detailed info on the Ontario, Canada, high-energy bluesy rock band The Glorious Sons. They were my choice for yesterday's Power 96 Cool One. I saw a mention of them on Facebook, so I had to check them out for myself and this is a band you need to check out for yourself. You can find music videos, a tour schedule, news and more at their website.

The Cool One song I featured was "Sometimes on a Sunday" from their only full-length studio effort, Union, released in September 2014. They also have an EP, titled Shapeless Art, that came out in November 2013; they're both available through the band's website.

So I just received some more sad news about another member of the classic rock genre passing away. On Sunday Jimmy Bain died at age 68 while taking part in the Def Leppard "Hysteria on the High Seas" cruise. No cause of death has been revealed at this time. As an accomplished bass player, he is best known for his work with Rainbow and Dio, although he's been involved in a few other bands over the years. I dug up one of those groups to feature in today's Power 96 Cool One, brought to you by Kelly's Auto Parts in Faribault, at 4:35PM.

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